Heed Your Gut Feeling – Embrace a New 6th Sense

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A Complete Unconscious Perception

gut feeling reachingThe power of intuition is in its likeness to a sixth sense. Intuition aka the gut feeling has a way of pushing it’s voice into the realm of existence, and dropping diamonds of insight (often) without a lick of substantial evidence.

“I’m here”, it says. “I’m right, whether you know it”, it whispers. It is at this point we usually shut it down with some good common sense… 

Why does the human mind turn off intuition as if it were a leaky tap? Is the faucet that has water running out of it a bad faucet? The logical mind bucks against the knowing insight of intuition. Calling it bluff, calling it weak, calling it unfounded. 

The latter of these names is the most incorrect. Intuition is an unconscious-tethered faculty of the perception – it has the possibility to be greater and more accurate than than the most powerful logic. Logic computes the data and spits it out as is, whereas gut feeling understands the data and designs a way forward. 

Definitions of Gut Feeling and Intuition

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. [Oxford dictionary]

The above quote is the Oxford dictionary’s take on intuition. Gut feeling’s fundamental manner is its detachment from reasoning, where reason is gratuitous and ultimately useless. 

The inner voice is inherently irrational.

Likewise Jung himself defined intuition as “perception from the unconscious [1]”. It is an awareness of a magical reality, a sixth sense that truly sees and understands what it believes is, through the sub-levels of the mind, where the unconscious lives in a person.

The nature of intuition is dark, mystic, and unknown. Although self-reflective behaviours may bring to surface some reasoning, often in gut feeling situations reasons are vestigial. They are outside the scope of intuition. 

In intuition a content presents itself whole and complete, without our being able to explain or discover how this content came into existence. Intuition is a kind of instinctive apprehension, no matter of what contents. … Intuitive knowledge possesses an intrinsic certainty and conviction. [“Definitions,” CW 6, par. 770.]

Inherently Irrational, Intrinsically Confident

How can you know something without being able to always back it up with conscious thought or logic? 

Is it possible to maintain an input of data and to network information in your mind, stored deeply inside? Jung would say yes. Would it not then be possible to draw upon that network of information and, drawing it out, create a type of wisdom, an insight that may eerily look like a hunch, or future telling? 

Jung states that intuition can be stimulated by the perception on the external, or by the perception of data in the unconscious itself, stored and accessible.

The first is a perception of unconscious psychic data originating in the subject, the second is a perception of data dependent on subliminal perceptions of the object and on the feelings and thoughts they evoke.[“Definitions,” CW 6, par. 771.]

I believe the sensors, too, can harness the gut feeling. It is not monopolised by those born with the intuition dominant functions in their personality.

These Unconscious Eyes

gut feeling hiding

The talent of intuition may begin with someone telling you to trust your feelings, be in touch with yourself. If I were to teach it, I would begin a level deeper. 

Do you trust yourself? The issue dives into the birthplace of most of our flaws – our self-worth. 

Maintain a sense of self-worth in your quest for reflection and growth in life. Beginning at this point lays a solid foundation for your future self. 

Intuition is the language of the unconscious, the part of you that may be hidden or invisible most of the time.  Instead of aiming to identify feelings, identify a sense of trust in yourself, in your character, in the ability of your mind

This is the first step to increasing the skill of intuition. Secondly, and only after you know you can trust yourself, can you move towards listening to your intuition, whether that comes through insights, feelings or values you uphold.

Feelings are like signals to us. We receive messages through our emotions however they manifest. They tell us something important that is unwise to ignore. 

With identifying emotions and a fundamental belief in yourself and your mind, intuition can begin painting, splashing, and colouring your everyday life. 

Hello New World

gut feeling knowingIntuition allows you to understand the world around you in a way that you cannot always explain – but everything is clearer. Intuition is a new set of eyes, keenly in tune with you, your values, and your unconscious mind. 

Things will be more predictable. People are less surprising. Arrangements are more consistent. Life more intuitive. Opportunities arise more often. More excitement is seen in the now because you listened to a gut feeling, and went with it. 

Far from simple spontaneity, intuition can be methodical and structured. It is more a creative process of reading your body. It is letting go of the external controls in the world around you and only controlling what you have control over, in a gentle perceiving attitude of untapped power. 

The power of intuition runs deep, speaks loudly when you listen, and unleashes a whole new place of understanding and knowledge you have yet to dip your feet into.

Go ahead, embrace it. 



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