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The disempowering effect of fake happiness, toxic positivity and neo-optimism – and a powerful alternative.

My Favourite Books: Further reading for the topics and ideas in this article 

These books cover the topics mentioned in this article. I love each one of these books and they are definitely worth the read!

-----------------------------------Stillness is the Key: An Ancient Strategy for Modern Life by Ryan Holiday
The Antidote
-----------------------------------The Antidote: Happiness for People who Can't Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman
The Enchiridion
-----------------------------------The Enchiridion by Epictetus


I’m learning less is more, consistency is the greatest key to success, writing is a stress relief more than anything, and logic is fundamentally misunderstood (even by myself). What more can I say? I say a lot (well, it appears it, but in reality I am the quietest person in the room), and I learn even more. I’m both passionately motivated by and unequivocally skeptic of all things.

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