Don’t Be Afraid – The Key Is Sometimes Deceptive

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Don’t be afraid. 

It’s easier said than done.

But there is a key.

The key is being still, being ok with how you feel.

Sometimes I genuinely feel afraid of emotions, like they are a symptom of something bad in themselves, but I’m learning, they are ok. 

The key is staying, remaining, building. Regardless of how you feel or think. 


Don't be afraid, the key is sometimes deceptive - A drop of water


How can you build something worth building if you flee or change or go to something new every time you are afraid? Of failure?

The key is continuing.






On track.







Don't be afraid, the key is sometimes deceptive - A cub exploring his world


Don’t be afraid of failure.

Failure happens to everyone, but especially those who do not act. Failure shouldn’t make you give up, slow down, or change your mind. 

Be strategic, yes. Improve, adapt, get better. But keep going. 

Don’t be afraid of losing – a winner can lose if nature determines it. A loser can win if nature intends. 

But someone who has nothing to lose will never win.

Don’t be afraid of being quiet, minding your own business, sticking to a boring routine – these are the makings of a great person. 

Remain undistracted. Remain calculative. Remain steadfast and decided. Remember where you are going. 


Don't be afraid, the key is sometimes deceptive - Person writing on documents calmy


Remember yourself.

Enjoy the peace of quiet confidence that minding your business gives you.

Don’t be afraid of building and then having it crumble. The wind will knock down what it wants, but you can learn how to withstand it over the years. 

You learn to keep trying. You learn what gets knocked down faster, and what stays standing longer. You get stronger just by observing and acting.

Don’t be afraid of being you. Anything else is a badly replicated rip-off. 

Anything else will sap you dry. 

Any other mask you wear will slow you down. Just be you.

Stick to your plan.

Respect yourself by respecting it. You used experience and your intuition to draw it up. Effort and skill to implement it. Resources and energy to execute it. 

If you need to, update it. Revise it. Improve it. But stick to it. It’s like keeping your word. It’s accountability. 

A solid strategic plan for yourself can act as a compass – and that is a powerful tool to have at hand.

The key is committing to yourself by committing to your plans, your routine, your goals.

The process is needed but the process is also calming and peaceful, if you allow it to be. 

Let yourself design the process, the journey. Don’t let it design you. 

Don’t be afraid of now. Happiness is now. The process and journey and monotony and boredom is now.

The key is in these things. 



This article contains affiliate links. Affiliate links help me keep writing.

This in an excerpt of a small essay I wrote the other day. It was inspired by Ryan Holiday’s book, Stillness is Key (affiliate link). In it, he brings to light the historic accounts of great people reminding us to stay still, enjoy the moment, and remember who we are. 

The characters he brings to life are Winston Churchill, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Epicures, British Royals, Samurais, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Anne Frank, to name a few. There are many more to mention. 

If you are looking for book recommendations, head over to this page to find books I believe impart invaluable wisdom, logic and practical knowledge – maybe you can find something of value here as well. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a very rounded and modern approach to living in the moment, whether leader of a nation or a retail worker. Everyone can benefit from being still. 

Take care, 



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