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About Me, a Happy Grounded Little Pessimist

Hi, I’m Elsie. Thanks for stopping by my About me page. 

I’m learning less is more, consistency is the greatest key to  success, writing is a stress relief more than anything, and logic is fundamentally misunderstood (even by myself). 

What more can I say? I say a lot (well, it appears it, but in reality I am the quietest person in the room),  and I learn even more. I’m both passionately motivated by and unequivocally skeptic of all things. 

Far greater people hold their contributions in a lesser light than I do so I’ll say that I’ve worked hard and hated it, and worked hard and loved it, and now I write and study. 

An introvert at heart, I’m always trying to push the boundaries of my world and create a new one, the one in my mind. I believe that when our subconscious needs are met, we can escape the demons of our past.

The concept of self-development is something I found at around 20 years old. I’ve come full-circle a few times – my understanding of the world and of myself will constantly need renewing. Most self-help advice should stay unspoken…

I deconstructed from the faith I was born into (Christianity) and try not to jump onto anything too quickly, as I am prone.

The frameworks close to my heart are Stoicism and Jung’s cognitive functions – both of these offer such a brilliance to my world.

Stoicism in particular has withstood thousands of years of practice by some of the greatest people in our history. My articles touch on the impact its had on my life and on others’ lives. If a stranger approached me in the streets and asked for advice on a book, I would give them Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, a sweet solace for the soul.

Jung’s cognitive functions also provide a unique and rich insight into the myriad of personalities around me, and I realise how different people are from one another over and over again. As soon as I assume that we all think the same, something will happen to remind me of the uniqueness of our minds and consciousnesses. 

If you have never explored Jung’s cognitive functions, then please explore at ease through my inevitably large collection of articles written on the subject.

My favourite author is soon becoming Nassim Taleb. 


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